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Travel highlights Tunisia

travel highlights Tunisia

Douz the gateway to the desert, offers an authentic and genuine picture of its traditions, folk’s art and customs. The village itself, surrounded by sand dunes, is the starting point for the Meharis and Sahara safaris. A unique adventure that awaits you!

Here you find the Roman ruins, which is a Unesco world heritage site. It has the Carthage museum, with fine displays of the 8th century - the harbours, the baths, the amphitheatre and water cisterns.

Kairouan is the holiest city in Tunisia and a Unesco World Heritage site. The Medina itself is beautiful with white washed walls and a myriad of alleys and arches to explore, as featured in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It attracts pilgrims from all around the world and was founded in 670 AD.

You are never far from the beach in beautiful Tunis. Partly French in architecture and atmosphere, and partly Arabic - a maze of winding streets, souqs and artist shops, all lively.

Bardo's Ottoman palace
The palace itself is marvellous - a former Ottoman palace, has a fantastic collection of mosaics, from relics of the Carthaginian civilization and an exceptional collection of Roman tableaux to colorful Arab and Ottoman decorative works.

The Sahara
In the Sahara, a fascinating and enormous desert, you can still find villages and mountain oases. The most famous of which are Tozeur, Tamerza, and Douz. Here you can ride a camel, visit the Bedouin and experience the Berber culture.