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DMC Tunisia is a top Destination Management Company in Tunisia. With years of experience, we would be delighted to assist you with leisure, meetings, incentives, conferences and events in Tunisia.
Called the Jewel of the Mediterrenean, Tunisia has a lot going for it as a country. Spanning many centuries, our country was ruled by the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Turks, the French (just to name a few) and traces of its fascinating past show itself in our country. Tunisia's cities, like Tunis, Sousse and Hammamet, with ancient ruins, colonial buildings and Ottoman designs, are cultural gems and definitely worth exploring. Nature is truly stunning, with a lovely Mediterranean coastline, warm white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It has flamingo lakes, caves, oasis, green forests and of course the fascinating rolling dunes and stunning landscape of the Sahara desert. The weather is always good in our country, which makes it the perfect setting for your next group or incentive.

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Currency Tunisian dinar
Language Tunisian Arabic and French
Local time GMT (London) + 1 hours
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Travel to Tunisia

After lunch, departure with professional guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Site City of Carthage: Set up in 814 B.C and Rome’s biggest rival, where we can find one of the best historic sites in the western Mediterranean. This wealthy little town is built over the remains of one of the most glorious cities of Antiquity, founded by the Phoenicians in the ninth century BC, destroyed and then rebuilt by the Romans to become one of the most brilliant provincial capitals of their empire.

At arrival two men with roman dress welcoming the guests at Carthage

Visit of the Carthage museum and Byrsa hill: an archaeological site where one can see both Punic houses and the reconstruction work undertaken by the Romans as well as an extremely interesting museum.

 Visit the Saint Luis Cathedral Acropolium., visit the the Roman theatre of Carthage and visit of the Antonin Baths: a very impressive site for its dimensions even though only the basement and a few columns of this enormous Roman building now remain.

After departure to Treasure Hunt in Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said: a truly magnificent village to be found with its Moorish white house’s sitting high on the hill in privileged harmony and hunt treasure in the village.

The treasure hunt will bring you to Dar Annabi (a palace recently converted to a museum), Nejma Zahra (The Mediterranean Music Centre  located in this Moorish Palace which used to be the belonging of the Baron d’ Erlanger), The Fountain (water of this source is supposed to have therapeutic virtues), The Café des Natte (a famous traditional coffee shop), The Cathedral, The Selt Shop, The Cemetery, etc, etc…to end with some relaxing time in the famous “Café Sidi Chabaane” or “Café des Nattes” (with very nice sea view) for mint tea and Tunisia pastries.

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Barclay's Group Travel DMC Tunisia:

Since 2002,  we have organised groups and incentives from all over the world. Our head office is based in Hammamet and we are now one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Tunisia.

During the years we have built a very solid reputation for reliability, creativity and honesty, qualities that we considered vital for earning and maintaining your confidence.

We are fully committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.

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